Who is Dr Myo Thida?

Dr Myo Thida, the founder of VigorZwe & iSTAR Institute, is a social entrepreneur with a strong belief in Education for reforming a country. She was born and grew up in a small town of Myanmar. Through her hard work, perseverance and enthusiasms, she won the scholarship from Ministry of Foreign Affair, Singapore to study the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore at the age of 20. She graduated from NTU with BEng Degree in 2005 and continued to thrive in international and won another Scholarship from NTU to pursue her Master of Engineering and received her M.Eng degree in 2008. She never stopped to work hard and appreciate what she has and this has driven her to do PhD Programme in Kingston University while she was working as a research Engineer at renowned Institute, named Institute of Infocomm Research, I2R (Singapore). Dr Myo Thida received her PhD degree in Computer Vision from Kingston University, UK in 2013.

She was not only successfully fulfilled all her work commitments within given deadlines but also exceled in her PhD study. With a good time management skill and strong self-discipline, she published scientific journals and articles that made influential contributions to the computer vision research area and also involved in projects that made direct contributions to the industry. Through the effective teamwork, she won the 2008 IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement award from Institution of Engineers, Singapore and the 2012 IWA applied research honour award from International Water Association for her technical contributions in the computer vision industry.
Despite the achievements and good life that she was having in Singapore, Dr Myo Thida has decided to come back to Myanmar in 2013 with a strong passion to serve the community and nation development. She believes that with the knowledge and expertise she has acquired over a decade in both Singapore and UK, she can be a positive impact for the Education reform of Myanmar.

Since 2014, she has been actively participating in the Education Reform Projects through providing the consultation services, policy drafting, research & data analysis and capacity building.

In 2019, she was awarded ‘ASEAN Science & Technology Fellowship” and drafted an evidence-based policy on supporting researchers to be more innovative and contribute to the economic development of the country.


This is what other people thinks about her:

“One of Dr Myo Thida’s strongest attributes is her cross-cultural sensitivity. She has been an effective bridge between our two Governments which have two different working cultures and style. Having studied and worked in Singapore and the UK for twelve years between 2001 and 2013, she has developed a strong work ethic and is driven to deliver the best results. During her stint in the Ministries of Science and Technology and Education, she has also demonstrated empathy for the Myanmar civil service culture and an understanding of how to make things work better and faster within the regulations of the civil service.” (By DCM, Singapore Embassy)

“As a Vice Principal and representative of Myanmar team, she has led 81 government officials, most of whom have served longer than her and some of them even holding higher positions than herself in the Civil service.  However, in a short period, she has gained the trust from the team and motivated the team to venture beyond its comfort zone. She has also shown her ability of being a good team player and has established and maintained strong working relationship with other Civil Servants from different departments.” (By Deputy Minister, Ministry of Education)