Vocational Education Experience

SMVTI Vocational Training Institute, Yangon, Myanmar  April 2015- December 2016

Vice Principal/Leader of Myanmar Team

  • Serve as a secretary of SMVTI Board of Institute (BOI) and liaison staff between Myanmar BOI members and Singapore BOI members. SMVTI Board of Institute includes 1 minister and 4 director generals (DG) or deputy director generals (DDG) from both Singapore and Myanmar.
  • Serve as a member of SMVTI Management committee (MC) formed by 2 Myanmar and 3 Singaporean. MC is delegated with the authority and power to set policies and guide the SMVTI management team
  • Co-chair the SMVTI Executive and Academic committee (SMVTI Management team) that Manages, evaluates and supervises effective and clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the Institute consistent with the mission, vision, values and objectives of the SMVTI including instructional programs, financial planning, evaluation and selection of instructional materials and equipment, industrial collaborations, extracurricular activities, building maintenance, staff management, office operations, and emergency procedures.
  • Chair the Disciplinary Committee to ensure a safe and orderly environment in the Institute and promote the high standards and expectations for all students and staff for academic performance and responsibility for behavior.
  • Lead 81 Myanmar staff and manage the Institute according to the policies and rules set by the Myanmar government. Responsible for financial planning, building maintenance, staff management, performance evaluation, office operations, and communicating with the students and parents.

Department of Technical and Vocational Education, MoE            August 2014- March 2015

Assistant Director/National Liaison Officer (SMVTI)

  • Collaborated and liaised with relevant ministries at regional and national level from both Myanmar and Singapore for planning, renovation, reserving the architectural features and arts, planning and developing the course curriculum, identifying the courses and recruiting new staff for the Institute
  • Collaborated with consultants, engineers and contractors for the renovation of the Institutes and granting the necessary permits
  • Selected, interviewed and recruited new staff from both government sectors and industries
  • Collaborated with the ITE Education Service (ITEES, Singapore) to train the newly recruited staff on both pedagogy and technical expertise